What I'm up to...

Aside from about 5'6" that is... I'm a Criminal Justice Major with a Cybersecurity Minor who's worked in software for over 15 years. I jumped into the world of security after being on the fringes of it about three years ago, but overall I am fascinated with security, infrastructure, and optimizing the customer experience.

The Year in Review

Presenting at O'Reilly Security NYC

I find that I write so often for other publications and work I quite often neglect this space, so I wanted to do a recap of the past year, in bullets, for the sake of feeling that I'm not entirely neglecting this site.

Catching them All

Just wanted to update with a link to my latest publication about updating security settings in Pokemon Go. While the heat of the moment has passed, this article was used as a technical reference by many people looking to make sure that the changes made to the Pokemon Go app were reflected quickly and correctly on their iOS devices. Published on Medium.com Think Updating the Pokemon App Fixed your Permissions?