Outside of my technical professional life as a Course Developer at AlienVault I have a few other things I do. I'm listing them below to help you know me a bit better if you are so inclined.

  • I do a fair amount of writing day to day at AlienVault but I am also published at Medium.com and additionally have written for an online fitness publication, Breaking Muscle. You can see my reviews of fitness apps, software and gadgets here.
  • In my time at Rapid7 I got to represent the company in some of our Feature Friday series! One of my favorites, on creating a phishing campaign in our Metasploit product Can be found here. The rest can be found on the Rapid7 web site!
  • Beta Testing - I activity beta test for a few local hardware and software companies in the Boston area. While I can't advertise their names here, I'll happily discuss them in person to the extent I am legally allowed.
  • Learning - I'm currently finishing my degree at Bay Path University in Criminal Justice with a minor in Cybersecurity. I am currently examining my continuing education options.
    - I also previously wrote a sample training deck on dowloading and installing the Android SDK titled "There's not an App for that! - Building your first Android Application in Eclipse" when I was first playing with the Android SDK, and I've taken weekend workshops on using Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Up until recently I owned my own kettlebell gym, GiryaScope Kettlebell, in Somerville, MA. While I no longer have a brick and mortar location, I do still coach occasionally and enjoy it very much.
  • I've also taken several courses on Coursera concerning Data Science, Crytography, and more.