Another day, another update

Another clear sign I need to get myself onto a hosting platform with a CLI again! Another security update for Drupal 7... time to update in place again!

I really wish I could use drush to just update, it looks a dream, but I'll keep dreaming for now. In other news, I've been poking at Python a bit again. After using it mainly for scripting while working at RightScale, it's interesting to look at it as a programming, versus scripting language. I attended the Boston Python User Group Meetup last night for their Project Night and had a great time. Met some new people, some of which actually live down here in the southern MA/RI area, and went down a rabbit hole looking at how the random module works. (it's very cool if you're curious..I especially love the disclaimers) I'm in for another chilly weekend it seems, so there will be some reading, most likely more Drupal updates, (perhaps a more lively theme?) and some marshmallow making this Sunday. Slightly off topic but I'll post a recipe anyway when I'm done.