Much Action and little Writing

I've found that I've been spending a lot more time doing things than talking about them, and that's ok! But I wanted to take a moment and talk about what I've been up to since I'm currently dealing with our second round of snow here at home.

Overall, I've been working on making sure my technical chops are up to date over this winter. Expanding my knowledge of Python past scripting and into creating programs using some great resources that I need to compile and add to this site, still studying for my AWS Architect, which I really should get after my time with RightScale, and refreshing my project management and development cycle knowledge.

Professionally I've been getting some great cross training on the HP IDOL and HP Arcsight products, getting to know the tools, market and technologies, which I am always excited to do.

I'm going to start putting together a resource page for the possible 3 people reading this site, and will post when that's complete!

Stay Warm and Cozy!