Why Sixty Hours?

While I'm currently employed, I wanted to keep my answer to the question of Sixty Hours up, as I think it's important to understanding my work ethic. While I was only unemployed for a little over a month, I took the time very seriously and created this site, did self enrichment, and made sure to network wherever possible.

This is where I get straight-up honest with you. I hate being unemployed, or simply underemployed. Until very recently I had a job I loved doing something I was good at, and making good things. Change happened and my entire department was eliminated, leaving me, suddenly, without employment. This has only happened once before, in February of 2009, and what a fun year that was for everyone. (that was sarcasm there)

I found a job quickly in 2009, doing something I really liked, though different from what I had been doing (if you're following along on LinkedIn see the transition from Innov-X to SiteSpect.) and kept moving forward and learning in a time when many people I know and respect couldn't find work. What I will say is that finding a job is the hardest I've ever worked in my life. I don't mess around. I network, I attend meetups, I call recruiters and I contact industry friends. I cruise Craigslist and LinkedIn and I do everything I can to be un-unemployed.

So that's why Sixty Hours. It's not a promise of indentured servitude to future employers, though I promise you'll have my dedication, loyalty, enthusiasm and work hours, it's an expression of just how damn hard we work to find work. So thanks for looking.