Cruising Right Along

So I've got a website contact form rocking, and I've gotten disqus, my commenting tool of choice installed and in place and the comment module disabled. Woo! I also created a separate page for logging in to the website and limited the login to only that page, and cleaned up my pages with custom paths.

Now I'm playing with getting a calendar installed so I can set public goals for myself for Drupal and other technical development. I got all the modules and dependent modules installed..added my first event and EEEERRRROOOORRRR!!

I know most people would probably be annoyed, but as I was telling a friend, I LOVE ERRORS. Errors let me learn as I fix them! So I did what any good learner does this day and age and I googled that shit.

and BOOM

if (!isset($data['data'])) {
$cell = $data['data'];

This comment, helped me fix the issue on line 37 of my file and I am back in business! Yes, I could have also just updated to the dev version of this module, but I do tend to like to play it save (and seriously why has this not been committed to a new version yet!?) and use a committed released version unless there's a feature I really can't live without and I'm willing to take the risk (after proper backup of EVERYTHING.

So now, a calendar. Next up some playing around with Views and forms, as well as Dresh, but I'll try to put that up in the Calendar so you know when I'm starting, and hopefully finishing each item!